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It’s a man among boys | 2010 RoGator®

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Subject line: It's a man among boys | 2010 RoGator®

From the moment you see one, you can tell the new 2010 RoGator® is built like no other. It’s the sprayer the pros use, made to go hour after punishing nonstop hour. Just what you’d expect from the leader in application equipment.

Easier Front Entry
Your RoGator experience starts with the first step. It’s about a foot off the ground, so getting into the cab is easier than ever.

Larger Tank Size
Productivity is serious business. That’s why the RoGator has tank sizes up to 1,300 gallons to keep you going when others are refilling.

Wider Cab Door
RoGator has one of the widest cab door openings on a front-entry machine, making it easier for real men to get in and get to work.

Better Visibility
It's exclusive 6-post cab is made specifically for sprayers, not tractors. So you get unmatched visibility in the field and during transport.

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RoGator® is a worldwide brand of AGCO Corporation.

September 17, 2009  By Top Crop Manager


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