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Island farmland feeling squeeze

A situation which is a concern to many regions across the country is being addressed on Prince Edward Island, as one Island environmental group is considering action to protect farmland from development.

November 14, 2008  By The PEI Guardian

November 14, 2008

The Island Nature Trust may find itself one day preserving more than just wetlands for ducks and scenic views for public enjoyment.

The preservation of farmland has become a significant issue in other parts of the country and hit home here Thursday.


The P.E.I. A.D.A.P.T. council held a one-day session on finding ways to ensure that farms — sometimes more valued for their property than their productive red soil — remain part of the landscape.

“With older farmers retiring and new farmers unable to purchase a property, it’s becoming a difficult process,’’ said Melissa Watkins, executive director of the Ontario Farmland Trust.

“We’re having trouble finding ways to preserve farmland that is disappearing daily.”

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