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Investment in canaryseed research

Jan. 8, 2013, Saskatoon, SK - The federal government is investing $54,000 to provide Saskatchewan canaryseed producers with more accurate recommendations to help them maximize their yields.

Canaryseed is used almost exclusively in feed mixtures for caged and wild birds. The funding will assist the Canaryseed Development Commission of Saskatchewan (CDCS) to coordinate research and market use expansion for the canaryseed industry.

Increased yields will also lead to greater exports and sales, helping to boost the bottom line of farmers. Saskatchewan is the world's leading producer and exporter of canaryseed.

"Previous research has shown a big benefit for many canaryseed crops from the application of chloride fertilizer as potassium chloride (potash)," said Kevin Hursh, CDCS executive director. "This federal support is critical to helping fine-tune fertilizer recommendations based on how much chloride is present in a field as measured by a soil test."

January 8, 2013  By AAFC


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