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INTRODUCTION: You had your chance!

With planting season not far off...

November 13, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

4aWith planting season not far off, hopefully everyone has taken plenty of opportunity
to network during the winter months. It has been a time to think about how to
repeat last year's successes as well as time to discover how to avoid the failures
– at least those within your control!

The network of acquaintances and advisors, suppliers and on-farm colleagues
are among the greatest assets crop producers have: It's a rare individual who
can be a successful farmer independent of these resources.

This issue of Top Crop Manager includes several crop advisory features
on major crops in the region.


The Top Crop Manager Weed Control Guide is also included. One of our
most used features, this handy annual reference brings up-to-date product and
tank-mix efficacy ratings on most common weeds.

While time to polish 2006 cropping plans is getting limited, the contacts you
made this winter and the advice they have provided are about to be put into
use! I hope you have made the most of this chance to improve your skills.

More to come
It is with great pleasure that we announce the plan to publish a new Summer
Issue for the eastern Canada series of Top Crop Manager. This new edition
will focus on planning for the upcoming winter wheat planting in the fall. Topics
on grain handling and storage will also be covered. Readers will receive the
new issue in mid-August: between wheat and bean harvests.
Peter Darbishire, Editor


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