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INTRODUCTION: Trends in the making

it is just one person's opinion

November 13, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

4aDuring the busy fall months, while growers are frantically trying to harvest
their fields and fill their bins and contracts, we continue with our quest for
emerging issues and timely information.

As often happens during this process, there is one individual who mentions
something that makes you think, 'wouldn't that be interesting if it were to

On its own, it is just one person's opinion.


Yet once spoken, you begin to notice that same sentiment creeping in to casual
conversations. It might be a prediction of sorts, cited by an organization executive,
a politician or a media pundit. And once repeated several times over, it is
no longer just one person's opinion, but possibly a trend in the making.

Such is the case with an observation made late in 2006, that with the demand
for biomass for the emerging biofuels sector, the agri-food industry might find
itself in a battle for food and feed. On one hand, it has a rather chilling
effect on exporters and the livestock feed industry. On the other hand, it shows
considerable promise for cash-strapped growers hoping to benefit from tighter
supplies and corresponding higher prices.

Many of the stories in this issue reflect this notion of Great Expectations
in the agri-food industry. Some acknowledge this sense of optimism, including
one story about soybeans bred for industrial or other uses, a relatively new
GM development initiated from the food processing side with tangible benefits
for the consumer as well as the grower. Another piece examines the issue of
sharing information in an age of increasing competition, even among neighbours.

At Top Crop Manager, we try to reflect the needs and interests of our
readers, especially now as we ring in another new year. Faster than we realize,
it will be time again for a new planting season with the potential for growth
and prosperity.

New opportunities are in front of us and while anything new tends to shake
our comfort level, the trick is to see opportunity where others view only barriers
and impediments. And that is more than just one personÕs opinion! Enjoy. -30-
Peter Darbishire, publisher and editor


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