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INTRODUCTION: Near and far

Harvest is just around the corner

November 16, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

Harvest is just around the corner and while it is a good time to evaluate management
decisions made in producing this season's crop, it is also a good time to develop
plans for the next year.

One of the first crops to go through the combine will be winter wheat, and
it will be the next one to seed for a growing number of crop producers this
fall. John Harapiak's agronomy feature in this issue provides timely advice
about what and when to fertilize the 2006 crop. There are several other fertility
related stories to add to your knowledge base.

As well, there are features on diseases which may have an impact on your crops
in the days ahead, so there's something for the near-term and for the further-out
thinkers! As usual at this time of year, Top Crop Manager's field editors
and contributors are 'on tour' collecting stories for the next series of issues,
starting in November. We look forward to seeing you at events and field days
over the next few months. -30-
Peter Darbishire, Editor




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