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INTRODUCTION: More of what you expect

In the series to come, we will be including some new features

November 23, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

One of the consistent things we hear from our readers is that they love the reference information they see in Top Crop Manager. Many file away copies of stories and advertisements, or the whole issue for future use. This edition and the ones that follow for the next five months will be no exception!

Our writers have been (and still are) out there gathering a wealth of crop management advice, updates on research findings and suggestions you can use to improve your production techniques and margins.

In the series to come, we will be including some new features: a series on business management; an exclusive ‘Truck King Test’ comparative report on pickup trucks in January; an advertising feature supplement on crop enhancement traits for January; and a return of the very popular ‘Top Crop Advisor’ comments in The Bottom Line for April. We will have the ‘Pulse Focus’ in December, the annual Weed Control Guide in March and a new focus on leaf diseases in April.


Welcome back to the reading season!

Peter Darbishire,
publisher and editor


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