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INTRODUCTION: Crop and story development

Now is the time of rapid crop development...

November 26, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

Now is the time of rapid crop development and, with a well planned crop scouting
program, a time when assessments can be made on disease or insect decisions
as well as evaluation of spring operations. Some years, you'll be begging for
moisture, others spent looking at the swath of devastation from the most recent
hailstorm. Such is life!

In this issue, we include a variety of topics. Significantly, there are a couple
of stories on grain marketing and John Harapiak's column provides some excellent
advice to those who are considering (or should be considering) their options
for winter wheat. This crop provides profit opportunities as well as an extension
of the acreage that may be covered with existing equipment fleets, since seeding
and harvest operations are carried out at differing times than traditional crops.

Our editorial team is busily developing stories for future issues. Be sure
to pass us your ideas or special needs: if there's some piece of crop production
technology or advice you would like us to chase down, let us know!
Peter Darbishire, publisher and editor





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