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Insect watch is on for pea leaf weevil and cereal leaf beetle

June 6, 2024  By Meghan Vankosky, Prairie Pest Monitoring Network

Pea leaf weevil and cereal leaf beetle were the most recent insects of the week, highlighted by Meghan Vankosky on the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network (PPMN).

The pea leaf weevil – now present in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba – causes damage to field pea and faba bean crops during the adult stage and during larval development. They will also feed on a variety of other legume and pulse crops, including alfalfa, chickpea, and soybean.

Cereal leaf beetle is expected to become a widespread and problematic pest. Wheat is the preferred host of adult and larval cereal leaf beetle, but this pest will also consume barley, oats, rye, millet, wild oats, and other grasses. | READ MORE



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