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Innovation Saskatchewan invests in ag R&D

April 30, 2024  By Innovation Saskatchewan

Innovation Saskatchewan is investing $170,000 in two industry-led research and development (R&D) technologies through the Saskatchewan Advantage Innovation Fund (SAIF) and Agtech Growth Fund (AGF).

SAIF and AGF funding will support two innovative companies as they accelerate their R&D projects and commercialization efforts:

BrewNature Composting – Developing a modular composting technology capable of reducing composting times from three months to five days ($95,000 in SAIF support).


PathoScan Technologies – Developing a rapid crop pathogen diagnostic technology. PathoScan’s in-field device will be capable of detecting pathogens in as little as 45 minutes ($75,000 in AGF support).

BrewNature specializes in converting organic household, commercial and agricultural waste into nutrient-rich compost 95 per cent faster than traditional methods. The SAIF funding will be used to advance BrewNature’s technology and enable it to upscale its operations, enhance its composting processes and develop innovative solutions for organic waste management.

PathoScan enables farmers to perform pathogen tests for any crop with its user-friendly testing kits that deliver fast, accurate and cost-effective results while ensuring a seamless user experience. The AGF funding will help refine this technology through comprehensive field testing to ensure its device is robust and effective under different agricultural conditions.

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