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What's new in registrations?

November 13, 2007  By Top Crop Manager

Prior to spring, Top Crop Manager contacts
agricultural suppliers for information on new pesticide registrations
and other news. New products offer opportunities for pest control. But
remember, many other well-proven products are still on the market. Registration
status may change between press-time and season of use. Top Crop Manager
advises producers to check labels and provincial pest control manuals


Label extension
BASF Canada has been granted two new label registrations for the use of Distinct
herbicide in field corn: one for control of tall waterhemp and one for control
of field horsetail.

For control of tall waterhemp, Distinct should be applied post-emergence at
the two to six corn leaf stage. Distinct, as a registered tank-mix with Ultim
75 percent DF, can now control field horsetail in addition to many other grassy
weeds, and should be applied as a single post-emergence application at the two
to six corn leaf or weed stage.


Now liquid SU
A new class of herbicide formulations allows sulfonylurea herbicides to be delivered
as liquids. Launched by Bayer CropScience, the company's first new product entry
in Canada based on OD (oil dispersion) technology is Option Liquid, the first
liquid sulfonylurea available in Canada.

Option Liquid comes in two 6.3 litre jugs per case: enough to treat 20 acres.
The new formulation is conveniently measurable for ease of use on odd-sized
fields, too. Option Liquid is to be used in conjunction with liquid 28 percent
nitrogen fertilizer at 2.5L/ha.

Identify those grassy weeds
A unique collaboration between industry and government has resulted in the recent
publication of A Field Guide to Grassy Weeds – a new identification
guide for corn, soybean and cereal growers in Ontario and Quebec.

The project has been led by Mike Cowbrough, weed specialist with the Ontario
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), while Bayer CropScience
stepped in to fund the project. To round out the visual appeal, Peter Smith,
field technician in weed science in the Department of Plant Agriculture at the
University of Guelph, provided the close-up anatomical photographs of the weeds.

The pocket-size, full colour handbook covers 11 of the most common grassy weeds.
It is designed to help growers correctly identify grassy weeds in order to make
accurate weed control decisions. Detailed colour photos of key distinguishing
features are included for every weed to help differentiate one from another.

To receive a free copy, growers can contact Bayer CropScience directly at (888)

Friendly inoculant reduces bridging
Agribiotics has introduced APEX Pro (STF), the first super concentrated inoculant
in a seed treatment friendly formulation that reduces the chance of seed bridging.

With 37 percent less liquid than other commercially applied inoculants, APEX
Pro (STF) reduces the moisture build-up that occurs when multiple products are
applied to seed, reducing bridging.

Compatible with many seed treatments for up to 21 days, APEX Pro (STF) can
also be diluted and used alone for up to 28 days after being applied to the
seed. Packaged with the custom applicator in mind, APEX Pro (STF) has a two
year shelf-life and is shipped with four 100-unit bladders per box.

Protect your seed!
Syngenta Crop Protection has introduced three new seed treatments: Cruiser is
a new seed treatment insecticide registered for corn, soybean and edible beans;
it is offered in conjunction with fungicide seed treatment so growers can get
broad spectrum protection against seed and soilborne diseases along with insect

Cruiser Maxx Beans is also a new product: a dual purpose seed treatment for
soybeans and edible beans that combines broad spectrum disease protection with
the power of Cruiser, a new generation seed-applied insecticide that protects
against key early season insect pests.

Cruiser Maxx 250, another new product, is a dual-purpose seed treatment for
corn which combines broad spectrum disease protection with the power of Cruiser,
a new generation seed-applied insecticide that protects against white grub (European
chafer), wireworm, corn flea beetle and seed corn maggot.

Updates abound
Nufarm Agriculture says Mextrol 450 is now formulated as 450g/L. It is also
in packages with two 10 litre and 100 litre containers.

2,4-D Amine 600 replaces 2,4-D Amine 500. Guaranteed formulation is 564g/L.
2,4-D ester 700 is now the only 2,4-D ester available, says Nufarm.

The Estaprop Plus package now contains two 10.6 litre containers (30 acres/case).
Lastly, MCPA ester 600 has replaced MCPA ester 500.



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