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November 12, 2007  By Top Crop Manager

Just prior to press-time for each issue of Top
Crop Manager, we contact agricultural suppliers for information on new pesticide
registrations and other news. New products offer opportunities for pest control.
But remember, many other well-proven products are still on the market. Registration
status may change between press-time and season of use. Top Crop Manager advises
producers to check labels and provincial pest control manuals carefully.

Special division
The acquisition of Gustafson in March, 2004 has elevated Bayer CropScience's
commitment to the seed treatment business in Canada and it has created a fully
integrated business group that is now responsible for 45 percent of global seed
treatment sales. The company says its seed treatment division now boasts the
broadest and most balanced portfolio of products, offering a strong technology
base and committed customer support.

Key products in Canada include Raxil and Vitaflo for cereals, Prosper for canola,
new Poncho for corn and Vitaflo, Crown and Allegiance for the protection of
a broad range of pulse crops. Bayer CropScience says it will continue to develop
new and relevant active ingredients to provide the most advanced seed and seedling
protection against both insects and diseases.
Bayer CropScience


20aNew option to combat fusarium
Hyland Seeds already offers winter wheat varieties with some of the highest
ratings for fusarium tolerance. Wisdom, AC Morley and Warthog are adapted for
all regions and soil types in Ontario, and have good, consistent yield potential.

Through a joint project with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Hyland now delivers
the next generation in fusarium tolerance. Identified by the label 'FT' for
fusarium tolerant, FT Wonder has been developed to provide an even higher level
of protection against fusarium. Available in the fall of 2004 in limited quantities,
FT Wonder is the first commercial variety of many to come from this initiative,
according to Hyland Seeds.
Hyland Seeds

20bKick-off for red ball
Pride Seeds kicked off a 'new era of product performance and support' this summer
with its launch of a new corporate trademark represented by a signature red

"Our product line expansion, including new corn and soybean varieties
that feature market-leading genetics and grower-desired input traits, is reflected
in our own brand theme, Performing Every Where We Go," says Pride sales
and marketing vice-president, Steve Denys. Everywhere includes the demonstration
plots across the growing region as well as at the recent edition of Canada's
Outdoor Farm Show at Woodstock, Ontario.
Pride Seeds

The original
Teosinte is the ancestor of modern-day corn which originated in Mexico 5000
to 8000 years ago. At Canada's Outdoor Farm Show at Woodstock, Ontario in September,
Monsanto displayed a short row of this crop along with decedents like Longfellow,
a northern flint corn that dates back 3000 years and Gourdseed dent from 500
years ago. Also in the plot were more recent developments, including in-bred
lines, the first hybrid, US13 and, for comparison, modern hybrids.

Premium opportunities in cereals
Hyland Seeds is currently working with Kellogg's, Kraft and General Mills on
milling quality cereals. The project will provide Ontario growers with new,
profitable cereal opportunities.

One of these projects involves Hyland's Whitby variety. Compared to its competitors,
Whitby, a soft white winter wheat, has elevated gluten strength for improved
processing consistency. "In the cereal process, Kraft found Whitby to have
significantly less waste," says Hyland Seeds' market development specialist,
Chris Vander Kant. Commercial tests show a waste reduction of one to two percent,
which could translate into significant savings over the course of a year for
a processor.
Hyland Seeds


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