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IBM releases AI ag platform

IBM released its Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture on Sept. 24, a suite of agribusiness tools and solutions to help growers use artificial intelligence to make informed decisions.

October 17, 2018  By Top Crop Manager

To make data-informed decisions, growers need a simple way to gather data from disparate sources – connected tractors, sprayers, combined; data on soil, topology and elevations; weather data; imagery from satellites and drones – and extract insights that will help them make better choices. The Decisions Platform for Agriculture will give the grower an “Electronic Field Record,” a system of record for all decisions related to their land. IBM integrates these separate data sources into one place, with the ability to extract insights.

For the individual grower, this means making better decisions about how to address pest and disease damage. Using AI-enabled visual recognition capabilities, growers can identify certain types and severity levels of pest and disease damage. This offers growers specific insights on where to spray pesticides, leading to a lesser impact on their yield.

Or a grower can forecast what their potential yield may be – identifying the ideal time to sell their projected harvest. Not only could this result in an added profit for their yield – but it may prevent food waste from unsold yield.

These decisions don’t simply impact the grower – but the broader supply chain. For example, a crop insurer could alert insured growers before issues occur, process claims more accurately with data-driven insights – or a government or NGO could boost agriculture within a country’s borders, and provide digital advisory services.


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