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Horsch enters the single-disc seeder market in North America

Horsch is entering the North American single disc air seeder market in spring of 2019 with the Avatar SD40.

November 16, 2018  By HORSCH

The Avatar SD40 has a 166-bushel product carrying capacity with a 40-foot working width and 10-inch seed row spacing as well as a transport width of 12 feet. The seeder splits its carrying capacity between two independent 83-bushel tanks with electric driven metering system on each tank. It gives producers the ability to meter two products independently.

While the operator can use the full capacity for seed, the Avatar SD40 also gives the ability to use two products and place dry fertilizer in furrow with seed.

Many farmers today use compact single disc drills for not only planting cereals and soybeans, but also cover crops. The seeder gives producers the ability to have two compartments and meter two cover crop seeds independently.


The Avatar SD40’s design minimizes linkage wear and bearing life on the opener disk. The opener arm mounts to the toolbar using a rubber torsion mount system, and all the openers are mounted on a rock shaft. Down pressure is simply adjusted in the cab, and the rubber torsion is the flex point. “There are no pins, bushings or springs. Nothing to rattle apart, and nothing to compromise seed placement,” says Jeremy Hughes, product manager for Horsch. The blade bearing assembly is also the largest seen on single disc openers today, increasing bearing lifespan.

The ISOBUS-compatible system allows the operator to utilize existing ISO virtual terminals in the tractor so operators can use prescription maps and collect data.

Large tires along with a toolbar weight transfer system minimize wheel tracks in the field, securing yield otherwise lost to compaction. The high-volume air system not only can move high product application rates per acre, but also has superior coefficient of variation from row to row, ensuring consistent and uniform seed flow per row.


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