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Heat herbicide for use as a harvest aid/desiccant

Mar. 11, 2014, Mississauga, ON – BASF Canada Inc. is in the final stages of establishing import tolerances or maximum residue limits (MRLs) on field peas, dry beans, sunflowers, and soybeans for key markets around the world.

Since most countries establish their own MRLs for imported foods, this announcement means growers will have the option of using Heat herbicide as a harvest aid/desiccant on export crops in 2014.

In a news release from BASF, the company says that by tank-mixing glyphosate with Heat, growers will now have the ultimate harvest aid with desiccant properties.

Heat was registered in 2010 for use as a pre-seed burndown. BASF says Heat herbicide has quickly become an essential glyphosate tank-mix partner for pre-seed and chemfallow applications, improving the level of weed control and providing a superior option for the proactive management of weed resistance.

BASF is supporting the use of HEAT herbicide for use as a harvest aid/desiccant on dry beans, field peas, sunflowers, and soybeans in 2014, and continues to work towards establishing import tolerances for key markets around the world for other crops registered on the HEAT label for pre-harvest use.


March 13, 2014  By Top Crop Manager


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