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Healthier farming, healthier contracts, too.

Send date: Oct, 2009
Format: Template 1, E-blast
Client: Nexera canola
Subject line: Healthier farming, healthier contracts, too.

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Don't miss your chance to contract the fastest growing canola brand in western Canada.

Nexera™ canola from Dow AgroSciences. Now, with even healthier, hybrid-sized yields, Nexera canola varieties offer an exciting new perspective on contracting canola. New NX4 Roundup Ready® and NX4 CLEARFIELD
® varieties (including Nex 845 CL), together with our profitable Health Bonus, provide higher value beyond commodity canola. Contract now—and help meet global demand for heart-healthy Omega-9 Oil. 2010 contracts are available, along with a special limited-time offer—at Bunge, Louis Dreyfus, LDM Foods, Richardson, Viterra—and many other local retailers. Accomplish more, with today’s fastest growing canola brand. NX4 performance. NX4 value. NX4 healthier farming. See your Nexera canola retailer for a limited time offer. Call our Solutions Center for more information at 1.800.667.3852. Or click here to get started on a contract, right now:

Louis Dreyfus Commodities
LDM Foods
Independent and Co-op Retailers

Healthier results start with stronger performance and higher value. Only from Dow AgroSciences.



September 17, 2009  By Top Crop Manager


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