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Harvest highs for many on the Prairies

September 30, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Alberta (as of Sept. 22)

Significant progress was made in harvesting field crops for the week preceding Sept. 22. Forty-five per cent of the province’s major crops are in bins, and 48 per cent have been combined, which is better than both the five- and 10-year averages (41 and 45 per cent, respectively).

Yield estimates are also well above the five- and 10-year averages, but have dropped from the yield estimates of two weeks ago. Major crop grades, on a provincial average, are high quality, with several crops having upwards of 85 per cent in the top one or two quality grades.

Frost activity, shorter days and other adverse conditions have led to longer drying times for some crops. Some producers are taking tough/damp grain off fields to have it dried.


For the full crop report, visit the Alberta Agriculture website.

Saskatchewan (as of Sept. 21)

Harvest progress was helped along by warm, dry conditions the week of Sept. 15. While many farmers are hoping for dry conditions to help dry down crops, those who have their crops harvested are hoping for rain to rehydrate the topsoil.

Winter wheat and fall rye have been 100 per cent combined, with lentils (99 per cent), peas (98 per cent), mustard (96 per cent) and durum wheat (95 per cent) following closely behind.

Seventy-seven per cent of 2020’s crops have been harvest, which is well ahead of the five- and 10-year averages (59 and 58 per cent, respectively). This is also almost twice as much as the 39 per cent of crops that were harvested by this time last year.

For the full report, visit Saskatchewan Agriculture’s website.

Manitoba (as of Sept. 29)

While weather and temperatures have been widely variable across the province, harvest is proceeding ahead of schedule, with 80 per cent of crops harvested – an improvement on the three-year average of 73 per cent. Conditions have been good for farmers to access their fields and complete fall fieldwork.

Winter wheat, fall rye and field pea are completely harvested; barley (98 per cent harvested), spring wheat (97 per cent) and oats (96 per cent) are almost complete, and canola and dry beans (both at 85 per cent) are coming along nicely.

The frost of early September has affected some crops, particularly soybeans, though the damage varies depending on the region. However, soybean yields are higher than expected and the quality reports are overall good.

To access the full Manitoba Agriculture crop report, click here.


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