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Growers advised to keep clear of de-registered canola varieties

With the onset of spring, the Canola Council of Canada is advising growers that they should avoid using any of the 21 different varieties that have been de-registered. 

April 9, 2008  By Canola Council of Canada

April 8/08

Winnipeg, MB -The Canola Council is warning growers to stay away from de-registered canola varieties this spring.   

The Council’s crop production program manager Arvel Lawson says growers who seed de-registered canola varieties are putting the entire canola industry at risk.  This past year, Canada’s canola exports were valued at over $2.3 billion.  


Lawson admits that “it’s hard to believe that even a couple of farmers putting de-registered canola into the export system could endanger export markets but it is the current reality”. 

She points out that importing countries do check very carefully for de-registered varieties and even very low levels can be detected.   

“If de-registered varieties are discovered,” she adds,”the entire shipment could be rejected and future monitoring will get even tougher.” 

Lawson strongly advises canola growers not to seed: 

Roundup Ready Polish (B. rapa) canola:   Hysyn 101 RR
Bromoxynil tolerant: 
295BX, Cartier BX, Zodiac BX, Renegade BX
Liberty tolerant:
Exceed, 2631 LL, Swallow, SW Legion LL, SW Flare LL, LBD 2393 LL, Innovator, Independence, HCN 14, Phoenix
Liberty Link hybrids:  3850, 2153, 3640, 3880, 2163, 2273 

Lawson says many grain companies are no longer accepting delivery of these products.  She reminds growers who may have canola seed of these de-registered varieties, to contact the Canola Council of Canada BEFORE attempting to deliver. 

For more information about why these varieties have been de-registered, visit the Council’s Canola Export Ready program at or call toll free 1-866-834-4378.


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