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Grass biomass demonstration plant shows potential

Sept. 10, 2012 - A demonstration plant using grass has been show to successfully fuel a boiler.

According to an article in Ethanol Producer Magazine, the demonstration plant in Chancellor, South Dakota was built to evaluate the possibility of using native grasses for conservation purposes, then harvesting the biomass for heat and power. The plan was the result of a joint effort between The Earth Partners LP, Applied Ecological Services and Poet LLC.

"We tested the ease in handling the material and moisture content of the fuel. As makers of renewable fuel, we think it’s important to also explore multiple options for renewable power sources,” according to Fran Swain, POET business development and scouting manager.

“This conservation biomass is especially intriguing because of its inherent sustainability and conservation story.”

The next step for the plant has not yet been determined, but all companies involved are currently exploring their options and waiting for the opportune time to jump on the U.S. market.

For more on the plant, please read the entire article at Ethanol Producer Magazine.

September 10, 2012  By David Manly


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