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Grande Prairie crops stil waiting for drier weather

Sept. 1, 2016 - There's been enough rain, said Sonja Raven, agricultural fieldman for the County of Grande Prairie.

Raven said, just like when the area saw the first bout of intense rainfall at the beginning of the month, some crops are still in need for a chance to dry out to be harvested.

"The two days of rain probably delayed us another week in some things," she said. "Most of the barley and peas are done, they're off, the fescue is mostly off or in the swath so we have quite a bit of fescue this year. They're moving well with those. Some of the canola is starting to get swathed... on the west side mostly. Our wheat is still mostly standing, there's a little bit that's been swathed. Most of our hay... has been baled, we still have some standing and there's still some in the swath."

The agricultural fieldman said what farmers will probably be looking at is a longer, more drawn out harvest than seen in past years. It's hard to dry out crops in the swath when there's constant rain on and off, she added. | READ MORE.

September 1, 2016  By Grande Praire Daily Herald-Tribune


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