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Grain grading changes coming for this crop year

June 26, 2024  By Canadian Grain Commission press release

The Canadian Grain Commission is making several grain grading changes for the 2024-2025 crop year to allow Canada’s quality assurance system to better meet the needs of the grain sector in Canada and grain buyers around the world.

Following consultation with sector stakeholders and members of the Western Standards Committee and Eastern Standards Committee, the Canadian Grain Commission is creating variety designation lists for Barley, Canada Eastern Food and Barley, Canada Western Food. They are also updating the Official Grain Grading Guide by reformatting the grade determination tables and clarifying the assessment of seed coat discolouration in soybeans.

“The Canadian Grain Commission values stakeholder input and is implementing these changes based on feedback from the sector,” says David Hunt, chief commissioner at the Canadian Grain Commission. “They will support continued growth and Canada’s reputation as a dependable source of high-quality grain.” | READ MORE


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