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GOC funds adoption of more efficient grain drying tech

March 30, 2023  By Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

On March 29, Marie-Claude Bibeau, minister of agriculture and agri-food, announced federal support for 45 new projects related to adopting more efficient grain drying technology by farmers across Canada

With this investment of approximately $22.2 million through its Adoption Stream, the Agricultural Clean Technology Program has now supported 99 grain dryer projects across the country, representing a total of more than $37.1 million.

With $50 million set aside for the purchase and installation of more efficient grain dryers and $10 million set aside for fuel-switching initiatives, this program is already helping hundreds of farmers to adopt clean technologies that will power their farms with cleaner energy.


One such example is Geerts Farms Ltd., a 26,000-acre family-operated producer of canola, wheat and oats in Kamsack, Sask. Geerts Farms is receiving up to $2 million to purchase and install a new grain dryer and biomass boiler that is powered by locally sourced wood waste. As a result, the use of propane in the drying process will be eliminated completely.

“Our goal is to help the Canadian agricultural sector innovate and adopt clean technologies,” Bibeau said in a press release. “This investment in more efficient grain drying technology will help to reduce the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions and leverage technology to be more resilient to climate change.”


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