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Here’s to the lifelong learners

Farming has, of course, evolved. The options have increased substantially.

May 25, 2024  By Michelle Bertholet

The last time Top Crop Manager had a redesign was in the fall of 2011. It was the most significant redesign since the magazine’s launch in 1974, when it was introduced as Agri-Book Magazine. To celebrate 50 years in this special issue, we are excited to debut a new logo and design.  

If you don’t recognize the headshot or the job title in the top corner, you’re right – I’m not the usual contributor on this page. In the coming months, we’ll welcome a new editor to our team, and they’ll take their rightful place here – but for today, it’s my pleasure. My name is Michelle Bertholet, and as Group Publisher, Agriculture, I manage a group of media brands for Annex Business Media, including Top Crop Manager.  

I joined the Top Crop Manager sales team in 2014. Prior to starting, my now-late grandfather gave me a poster showcasing the genealogy of Canada Western Red Spring Wheat that Top Crop Manager shared with readers in 2012. My grandfather enjoyed studying genealogy, so the fact that he liked the poster made sense. Now, as the publisher, it’s rewarding to think about how he kept that resource for two years before sharing it with me. That tangible poster was passed down through generations and still leaves an impact 14 years after publishing.  


For background, my grandparents farmed and were considered pioneers in agriculture. The original homestead, south of Brandon, Man., is still farmed by my extended family and is currently seven years shy of becoming a Legacy Farm. My grandparents farmed through the evolution of horses and threshing machines to today’s larger equipment and modern electronics. They were the first of their area to grow canola, the first to purchase and set up a grain cleaner, and the first to acquire a four-wheel drive tractor and a self-propelled combine. They were hard-working, progressive, forward-thinking, and future-focused – like many of you that I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with over the years. 

Over the past 50 years, farming has, of course, evolved. Decisions are made differently, margins are tighter, seasons are shorter. The options for inputs, technology and data have increased substantially. While change is certain in agriculture, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to sharing trusted third-party crop production insights through well-researched stories, written by top-tier agricultural journalists.  

How, when or wherever you choose to read Top Crop Manager – on behalf of our team, our writers, the researchers whose work we share, and our advertising partners, thank you for sharing your time with us, yesterday, today and into the future. 

In closing, here’s to you – the bold; the innovative; the early adopters and farming’s lifelong learners.  


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