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Four-Wheel Drive Tractors

June 18, 2009  By Top Crop Manager


Case IH Steiger
Five Models of Case IH Steiger and Quadtrac series 4WD tractors deliver proven wheeled or track performance in challenging conditions. Case IH 4WD tractors feature three frame sizes and an industry-leading long wheelbase and drawbar design for superior conversion of horsepower to pulling power – while delivering comfort, convenience and reliability. The 335 is offered as a standard wheel model, while the larger 385, 435, 485 and 535 models come as either a standard wheel or in the Quadtrac design.  In addition, the AFS AccuGuide automated guidance system is standard equipment on Steiger and Quadtrac tractors for provide hands free operation for improved farming  efficiency.  With these models, there are 22 various configurations, and the 535 also comes as a 535 Pro, with hyrdraulic power boost and up to 610 hp rating.

Download the Case IH Steiger spec sheet here.


Challenger MT800C series track tractors
The all-new MT800C series boasts outstanding performance from Tier III Caterpillar C15 and C18 ACERT technology six-cylinder diesel engines that are both turbocharged and after-cooled. In fact, the 18.1 litre (1,105 cu. in.) C18 model, used in the MT865C and MT875C, is the largest displacement engine in the agricultural tractor market.


All five models in the lineup feature advanced technology that comes with a new ISOBUS system and an impressive array of features designed to make you even more productive and efficient. Among them are a new digital dash display that’s easier to read; a redesigned tractor management centre that provides simpler and more intuitive operation and a new hydraulic system with a higher degree of control, higher flow and greater adaptability.

Challenger MT900C series tractors
Although they share a number of features and components with the comparably sized MT800C series track tractors, the MT900C series is much more than a Challenger track tractor on tires. All four models in the MT900C series feature state-of-the-art ISOBUS technology as well as setting standards in the industry for the widest and heaviest frame, paired with the largest diameter driveline to ensure that the weight and horsepower are delivered to the ground, along with the largest standard diameter axles in the industry to provide maximum durability and strength.

The Challenger MT900C continues to be the highest-horsepower commercially available four-wheel drive tractor in the world with gross engine horsepower ratings up to 585 hp (436 kW) on the MT975C.

Download the Challenger MT800C series spec sheet here.


John Deere
Since their launch in 1996, John Deere 9000 series tractors continue to be among the best selling tractors in their class, and the all-new 9030 series takes this legendary performance to greater heights. A new 13.5L John Deere PowerTEch Plus engine provides high horsepower and outstanding fuel economy. Plus, these fuel-injected engines are Tier III emissions certified and provide a 40 percent reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions compared to its predecessor. A 9.0 L engine – featured on the 9230 – provides 325 hp. The new 13.5L powers all other 9030 series tractors. It delivers from 375 engine horsepower on the 9330 and up to 530 engine horsepower (up to 583 peak hp factory observed ) on the 9630. A new AirCushion  tracks suspension system lets you operate at faster speeds, with unmatched comfort. Choose between two field-proven transmissions – an 18-speed PowerShift or a 24-speed manual shift transmission. Choose from four dual tire models ranging from 325 to 530 hp.  Or choose from three tracked models for greater traction and flotation, and faster operating speeds with the 9030T series track tractors, in models ranging from 425 to 530 rated horsepower.  The updated CommandView cab is now quieter and more user friendly than ever.

Download the john Deere spec sheet here.


New Holland T9000 series 4WD
Meeting customer demand for more muscle to pull increasingly larger implements, the New Holland’s T9000 series 4WD tractors are more powerful than ever, with five models from 335 through to 535 horsepower available on the largest T9060 model. The 485-hp, T9050 model features a 12.9L New Holland engine that utilizes exclusive compound turbo technology to boost performance and fuel efficiency. New Holland T9000 series features two main frame sizes with engines sized to provide maximum performance with minimum fuel consumption. The T9020 houses a 36 inch wide frame with a 139 inch wheelbase, while other T9000 series models have a 44 inch frame with a 154 inch wheelbase. New Holland offers standard ag, heavy-duty ag and scraper configurations to meet a wide range of market needs. Only five daily service items are required, giving T9000 models a class-leading SAE rating for ease of service.

Download the New Holland T9000 series 4WD spec sheet here.


Versatile 305-400 hp 4WD series

The Versatile 305-400 hp 4WD series continues the Versatile tradition of power, reliability and serviceability. The QSM 11-litre high-pressure injection system and electronic controls continuously monitor data from strategically placed sensors within the engine, optimizing the fuel-to-air mixture for maximum combustion. A swing-out assembly on the front grille and radiator expose the hydraulic and transmission oil coolers, air conditioning condenser, fuel cooler and charge air cooler for fast cleaning.The wider cab offers excellent 360-degree visibility for fieldwork and manoeuvring large modern implements, and there is a clear sightline to the drawbar when attaching equipment. The high-resolution electronic display is easy to read and provides operating data at a glance, and the side console features a convenient fingertip-control throttle.

The High Horsepower Tractor (HHT) series 4WD was created to respond to growing agricultural operations that have more acres and require more power and hydraulic flow. Engineered from the ground up using heavy-duty components, the HHT series 4WD is available in 435, 485 and 535 hp. The frame is manufactured from thick steel plate to ensure structural integrity, even under extreme conditions. Outboard planetary axles with a new 24 bolt pattern and standard drum duals ensure power is efficiently transferred to the ground. The main bearing at the articulation point is now 60 percent larger to reduce stress and extend life. All models have a total hydraulic flow of 55 GPM (208 L/min), or 80 GPM (303 L/min) with the optional high flow hydraulic system.

Four remote valves are standard and the optional high flow hydraulic system is available with six remote valves, and eight remote valves are available.

Download the Versatile 305-400 hp 4WD series spec sheet here.


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