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Formation of The Ontario White Bean Growers’ Association

November 22, 2012, London, ON – In anticipation of a possible merger between the Ontario Bean Producers'
Marketing Board (OBPMB) and the Ontario Coloured Bean Growers' Association (OCBGA), the OBPMB has
transferred title of its building and its surplus reserve funds to a new organization titled The Ontario White
Bean Growers' Association.

The assets will be set aside for the exclusive benefit for White Pea Bean growers in Ontario. The Ontario Farm
Products Marketing Commission (OFPMC) recognized that the OBPMB was bringing assets and funds to the
merger process that had a value in excess of those by the OCBGA, and agreed with the suggestions from the
OBPMB that the excess assets and funds should be set aside for the beneficial use of white pea bean growers
in Ontario.

As such, The Ontario White Bean Growers' Association was created on October 5. The land and buildings
owned by the OBPMB have been gifted to the new organization which, in turn, will lease them back to the
OBPMB. Reserve funds deemed surplus to the merger were also transferred to the new organization.

According to its articles of incorporation, the new organization's purposes are to:

1. carry on technical, statistical and scientific research into the growing and production of white pea
beans; and,

2. Maintain a website and/or publish information regarding the benefits of white pea beans.
Further details on this decision will be available at two district annual meetings of the OBPMB. These meetings
will be held November 27 at the Stone Ridge Inn in London at 1:00 p.m. and November 29 at the Seaforth
Curling Club at 7:30 p.m.

Membership has been extended to all Ontario White Pea Bean growers and those wishing to confirm or
register their membership with The Ontario White Bean Growers' Association may do so by contacting the

3‐655 Wellington Road, Suite 120
London ON
N6C 4R2
phone number. 519–615–6328

November 27, 2012  By Ontario Bean Producers


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