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FMC introduces new Group 29 insecticide

December 13, 2022  By Top Crop Manager

FMC has introduced the new Carbine insecticide to give growers tools to protect crops against aphids.

Carbine is a new,¬†fast-acting, selective aphid control product with a unique mode of action. Its active ingredient is flonicamid, which targets the aphid’s mouthparts by disrupting the potassium channels in its nervous system, rendering then unable to feed.

Frances Boddy, insecticide product manager at FMC Canada, says the Carbine product “provides effective control of a significant problem in pulse and alfalfa crops… Aphids literally suck the yield right out of plants and can cause significant damage.”


In addition to controlling aphids, Carbine also reduces the numbers of lygus and tarnished plant bugs.

Carbine will become available in Canada in the 2023 crop season.


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