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Finding local solutions for Canadian wheat growers

June 10, 2016 - Bayer has opened a new state-of-the-art Wheat Breeding Station in Pike Lake, Saskatchewan, as part of the company's ongoing commitment to deliver innovative solutions to agriculture. The facility will focus on developing high yielding wheat hybrids with better disease resistance and higher tolerance to stresses like drought or heat. These new wheat varieties will be important tools for Canadian growers as they continue to compete in the
global market.

"About 25 per cent of the world's agricultural land is used to grow wheat, making it the most widely-grown crop on the planet," says Dr. Marcus Weidler, Head of Seeds Canada. "We are developing new technologies with the goals that farmers are able to efficiently and sustainably feed a growing world, while maintaining a competitive edge in the global market."

The investment in the Wheat Breeding Station is part of the company's larger commitment to spend 1.3 billion Euros ($1.9 billion) on innovation in wheat seeds globally over the next 10 years. To date, Bayer has invested $24 million into the Wheat Breeding Station in Canada to help ensure Canadian farmers continue to have the tools they need.

"Our aim is to develop hybrid spring wheat that offers improved yields, yield stability, disease resistance and productivity improvements tailored for the challenges growers face in Western Canada," says Al Driver, President and CEO, Bayer CropScience Inc. "With the opening of the new facility, Bayer's local wheat breeding programs are expected to produce results for Canadian farmers within the next six to eight years."

"The seeds innovations that will take place here will enable farmers to buy high quality and locally adapted seeds to help ensure the best results for their farm – environmentally – socially and economically," said Frank Terhorst, Head of Global Seeds.

Bayer first broke ground on the new Wheat Breeding Station in September 2014. Now complete, the facility features laboratories, workshops, office spaces, equipment and seed storage, and aims to employ a total of 15 to 20 full-time and seasonal staff members.


June 13, 2016  By News release

. Wheat Breeding Station leverages Bayer’s global program to find local solutions for Canadian wheat growers.


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