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Fertilizer Canada: working to ensure fertilizer products available for spring seeding

March 18, 2020  By Fertilizer Canada

Fertilizer is essential to continued global food security. Canadian agriculture will play a critical role in helping the world recuperate from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like many industries who rely on Canada’s infrastructure system to deliver products we have felt the impact from recent disruptions. However, we have done well in recovering and generally have normal supplies of fertilizer moving throughout the country. This movement must continue, allowing farmers to position product for the beginning of the planting season in late April and early May and ensure additional quantities are available for replenishment throughout the entire planting season.

“Our member companies are implementing COVID-19 contingency plans at manufacturing plants, storage terminals and agri-retail outlets across the country to protect employees and the public and to ensure farmers get the fertilizer they need in time for seeding,” said Garth Whyte, President & CEO of Fertilizer Canada.


The Canadian supply chain is resilient and can manage through these challenges. Our industry would be concerned about any restrictive measures that may have unintended consequences on rail, port and truck service, imports or operations at agri-retail. Governments must ensure that the Canadian border remains open to the movement of fertilizer in order for farmers to receive their product and meet their spring seeding requirements.

Ensuring a successful planting season and good yields at harvest this fall will be critically important to Canada’s economic recovery in 2020.


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