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Farmers expect higher production for field crops in 2013

Oct. 4, 2013, Canada – Canadian farmers anticipate higher production for most field crops this year compared with 2012, according to Statistics Canada's latest report. Soybean production could again reach a record high in Manitoba, but is expected to decrease in Ontario.

Despite late seeding this spring, weather conditions that prevailed up to the end of summer have led to higher than normal yields. However, sporadic frost or disease may have affected certain crop yields.

Despite a lower harvested area compared with 2012, Canadian farmers anticipate a 15.9 per cent increase in canola production to 16 million tonnes. This would be a result of a 31.3 per cent rise in yield to 36.9 bushels per acre.

In Saskatchewan, canola production is expected to increase 24.2 per cent to a record high 8.1 million tonnes. Average yield is forecast to rise from 25.1 bushels per acre in 2012 to 35.2 bushels this year. This higher yield offsets a lower harvested area of 10.1 million acres, down 11.4 per cent.

Manitoba farmers expect a 24.5 per cent production increase to 2.6 million tonnes, the result of a 44.8 per cent gain in average yield.

Alberta canola production is anticipated to increase 2.3 per cent to 5.2 million tonnes.

Nationally, total wheat production is expected to rise 22 per cent from 2012 to a record high 33 million tonnes. This increase would largely stem from an expected record average yield of 48 bu/ac, up from 42.6 bushels per acre in 2012. The harvested area is expected to rise 8.1 per cent to 25.3 million acres.

All surveyed provinces (except Quebec) reported an increase in average yield for their wheat acres. As a result, production gains are expected to range from 15.5 per cent in Manitoba to 26.4 per cent in Ontario. In Quebec, the 17.2 per cent production increase was a result of a larger harvested area.

Barley and oats
Canadian farmers are expecting barley production to increase 18.1 per cent from 2012 to 9.2 million tonnes. This is the result of an anticipated record yield of 68.2 bu/ac, compared with 54.1 bu/ac in 2012. Production should rise in Alberta (+9.3 per cent to 4.9 million tonnes), Saskatchewan (+41.7 per cent to 3.3 million tonnes) and Manitoba (+10.9 per cent to 685 800 tonnes).

Oat production is expected to rise 16 per cent at the national level to 3.2 million tonnes. Most of this increase is the result of an expected record high average yield of 82.6 bu/ac. Harvested acres, in turn, should rise two per cent to 2.5 million acres.

In Ontario, soybean production is set to decrease 13.2 per cent to three million tonnes. This is mainly the result of a 10.4 per cent decline in yield to 43.3 bu/ac. Meanwhile, Quebec farmers expect production to decrease by 1.2 per cent to 833 000 tonnes, driven by a four per cent decline in yield to 43 bu/ac.

Manitoba is again expecting record high production, up 18 per cent from 2012 to 909,000 tonnes.

Overall, national soybean production is still expected to decline 3.9 per cent from a year earlier to 4.8 million tonnes.

Corn for grain
At the national level, the production of corn for grain is anticipated to edge down 0.1 per cent from 2012 to 12.9 million tonnes.

In Ontario, corn for grain production is anticipated to decrease 1.6 per cent to 8.6 million tonnes, the result of a decline in harvested area to 2.2 million acres. In Quebec, farmers expect production to increase 2.7 per cent to 3.6 million tonnes, mainly because of a 6.2 per cent gain in harvested area to one million acres.

October 4, 2013  By Statistics Canada


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