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Farm Management Made Easy With FCC AgExpert

January 3, 2023  By Farm Credit Canada (Sponsored)

Retire that old pen and paper and improve your farm’s performance by digitizing your records with Farm Credit Canada’s AgExpert.

FCC AgExpert allows farmers to easily transition to digital record-keeping solutions. The platform is solid, simple, and built for the farm, providing accounting and field management tools for easier farm management.

“We built it with Canadian agriculture in mind,” says Laurier Poirier, FCC AgExpert Senior Product Owner. “We have users’ feedback and users in mind when we’re crafting our applications, and it’s important for us to make it as easy to adopt and seamless as possible to digitize your records.”


Users can access their data when they need it, saving time and creating efficiencies. Having your information at your fingertips lets you make informed decisions with confidence, says Poirier.

AgExpert is for producers in every province and every Canadian agriculture and food production sector. That includes grains and oilseeds, cattle, poultry, dairy, organics, fruit and vegetables, and potatoes.

AgExpert is also the first software in Canada to be Ag Data Transparent certified. That means farmers’ data is protected to the highest standards. Users own their data and can be confident that their digital record-keeping is current, safe, and secure.

AgExpert Accounting and Field
Farmers can stay up to date on all the latest with AgExpert Accounting and Field. Equipped with these tools, farmers receive cost-of-production reporting, management reports, payroll, crop insurance reporting, and more.

Producers also gain the flexibility to enter, access, and share their data from anywhere.

“Ease of use is first and foremost,” says Poirier. “And once you do digitize your records, you can use your information for different purposes, whether it’s tracking profitability, input costs, or cost per acre.”

AgExpert Accounting
With this industry standard in Canadian farm accounting, farmers can do more than just enter accounting data.

AgExpert Accounting lets farmers view and project their cashflow, track and manage their budgets, create income and expense reports, and manage their payrolls.

Farmers can even use AgExpert Accounting to Netfile their GST and HST returns and securely share their data with anyone they choose.

And as AgExpert software is constantly being upgraded, it keeps up with new industry reporting requirements that are introduced.

AgExpert Field
This web-based field and crop management software makes crop and field record-keeping easy.

By enabling farmers to manage their inventory, plan their crop rotation, and track their cost of production, AgExpert Field gives them the data and planning details necessary for smart business decisions.

Ag Expert can also generate reports for seeded areas, harvest production, and stored inventory.

Farmers can also be saved from the time-consuming process of filling out crop insurance records or applying for hail insurance by applying already entered data to produce the reports insurance agencies require.“You have that information there and can use it for multiple purposes,” says Poirier.

Users will also be able to capture historical weather data on activities, providing them an easy and accurate way to track data on their farms.

And with the AgExpert Field mobile app, farmers can easily enter their data from anywhere, even offline.

Better outcomes
Recent research shows that AgExpert customers are stronger operators across a wide variety of financial ratios and business outcomes than were a comparator group.

Users armed with bookkeeping and field management information are likely to make decisions based on that data, Poirier says.

“They’re able to make more proactive decisions and more informed decisions, which overall helps make for more complete farm managers,” he says.

And AgExpert makes it even easier and user-friendly by providing a knowledgeable customer service team to answer any questions, from setting up books to running reports. 

Contact AgExpert’s Regina, Saskatchewan-based Customer Care by calling toll-free at 1-800-667-7893 or by email at


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