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Farm input price index

Canada's Farm Price Index for 2007 is up 7.5 percent from 2006. Animal feed prices and fertilizers are the largest contributers to the annual rise. Farm inputs in Western Canada rose more than inputs in Eastern Canada.

May 7, 2008  By Statistics Canada

May 7, 2008


In 2007, the Farm Input Price Index for Canada was 149.7 (1992=100), up 7.5 percent
from 2006, the largest increase since 1981 when a rise of 13.5 percent was measured.
The price movements of main components showed greater variability than in 2006.
Animal feed prices (+28.7 percent) were the largest contributor to the annual rise,
followed by fertilizers (+22.7 percent). These increases were partly offset by the
decline in prices of motor vehicles during the second half of the year
(-2.0 percent).


Prices of farm inputs rose more in Western Canada (+7.7 percent) than in Eastern
Canada (+7.1 percent), largely reflecting steeper increases in prices of fertilizers in
the West (+31.7 percent) compared with the East (+7.7 percent). However, the East witnessed
higher growth in costs of animal production (+16.8 percent) compared with the West
(+10.7 percent).


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