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November 23, 2007  By Top Crop Manager

Over the last year, dozens of new models and designs of farm machinery have been introduced by manufacturers. Many of you will have seen these introductions at farm shows and in various industry announcements – but, can you remember the details? This feature provides a reference for you.
Peter Darbishire, Editor

While Top Crop Manager editors make every effort to be objective when reporting on new products, they cannot be held responsible for claims made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies for more details.

etc46aFitted for auto-steering
New Holland’s new T8000 series tractors offer higher
horsepower, greater hydraulic flow, and more precision and comfort. The five models in the T8000 series range from 175 PTO to 270 PTO horsepower with up to 56 percent PTO torque rise and power growth up to 44 horsepower for increased pulling power. All models in the series, with the exception of the T8050, feature 8.3 litre engines. The new 9.0 litre engine T8050 model, with 270 PTO horsepower, has the power and hydraulic flow to handle the most advanced seeders and
specialty equipment. All engines are approved for use with B20 biodiesel fuel, meeting ASTM 6751 standards.
The T8000 series tractors deliver impressive flow and lift capacity for high demand implements, with 44 gallons per minute standard and 75 gallons per minute with the exclusive dual circuit MegaFlow option. Operators have full hydraulic flow when feathering so they can move implements into transport position quickly. For operator convenience, an acre counter is now integrated with the hydraulic system.
T8000 series tractors are equipped with more speed choices with four full powershift transmissions, including a new 19×4 option that provides a time-saving, 31 miles per hour (50km/hr) transport speed. Constant engine speed control and foot throttle are standard equipment for maximum control.
New Holland T8000 series tractors leave the factory ready to accommodate the optional IntelliSteer auto-steering system. This precision guidance system provides near-perfect rows every pass, with an accuracy level as precise as +⁄– 1.0 inch (2.5cm).
Standard performance instrumentation features a wealth of information, fingertip control and automatic engine shut down protection. When equipped with the IntelliView Plus II, the operator can control all the functions of the performance instruments usually located on the front corner post by using the monitor. New Holland’s Custom Headland Management system is now standard equipment on T8000 series tractors. The system can memorize and replay up to 30 adjustments with the push of a button to simplify headland turns. The tight-turning SuperSteer axle or self-levelling TerraGlide suspended axle is available as an option.
A new luxury cab option with leather operator and instructor seats, deluxe leather steering wheel, tinted rear window and carpeted floor mats is available in the T8000 series. The cab has panoramic 360 degree visibility.
New Holland
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etc46bName changes and upgrades
Upgrades to the Farmall tractor range include Tier 3 compliant engines, higher horsepower in larger models, a new Class 3, 50 horsepower Farmall compact tractor and a simpler naming system for the entire Farmall family.
In 2008, all Farmall Class 2 and Class 3 compact tractors, formerly identified as D or DX models, will have a new Tier 3 engine. Class 2 includes Farmall 31 and 35 models. In Class 3, Case IH offers the Farmall 40 and 45, along with the new Farmall 50, the first 50 horsepower Farmall in the lineup.
Class 4 Farmalls – formerly the DX55 and DX60 – will be renamed Farmall 55 and Farmall 60 in 2008. Cab versions of both models were introduced in 2007, already equipped with Tier 3 engines.
In 2008, the Farmall 70, 80, 90 and 95 – previously known as JX models – will come fully Tier 3 engine compliant along with other product upgrades. Formerly known as JXU tractors, the Farmall 85U, 95U and 105U utility tractors will sport a new Tier 3 engine, new 12×12 power shuttle option and other upgrades. Product changes to the old JXC lineup – now called Farmall 65C, 75C 85C and 95C – include a Tier 3 engine with greater fuel efficiency, a transmission upgrade to handle increased power and torque, faster travel speed, an increase in three-point lift capacity and other upgrades. In addition, 2008 Farmall C models will also be available in narrow versions (Farmall 75N and 95N).
Case IH
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etc46cIncludes new transmission technology
Kubota has blended technology and performance with the new Grand L40 series. The 20 new tractors, ranging from 32 to 57 horsepower, boast operational, comfort and factory cab improvements. Most impressive is the new dual speed electronic servo controlled hydrostatic transmission. It combines a revolutionary load sensing mode selection system, a response control to adjust transmission responsiveness and auto throttle advance which synchronizes the tractor speed and engine revolutions per minute.
Kubota Canada
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Fueled with B20
New Holland’s introduction of ‘Elite’ model configurations to the T6000 series tractor line provide top-of-the-line comfort and performance with the latest electronic conveniences and push button simplicity. T6000 series Elite tractors are equipped with a variety of smart programmable features designed to easily and efficiently complete haying operations, loader work, roadside mowing or row crop applications.
Standard performance features include engines with the convenience of electronic power management, Custom Headland Management and electronic draft control, plus productivity enhancing optional features like electro-hydraulic remotes, FastSteer steering system, Comfort Ride suspended cab and a tight-turning SuperSteer axle or self-levelling TerraGlide suspended axle.
The High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) electronic power management system on Elite models delivers excellent fuel efficiency, fast response, low noise and low emissions. A constant revolutions per minute feature allows the operator to pre-set up to two fixed engine speeds to match operating requirements. Changing from one speed to the other is as simple as using a single button. This allows the operator to stay focussed on the job, instead of having to watch the
throttle lever or revolutions per minute display.
A power boost feature delivers up to an additional 25 horsepower during PTO operations and road transport. When the torque applied through the PTO exceeds a certain level, the power management system automatically increases the available engine horsepower to help maintain rated PTO horsepower for challenging work in tough terrain or difficult conditions. The four or six cylinder New Holland engines can run on environmentally friendly B20 biodiesel, meeting ASTM 6751 standards, or traditional diesel fuel.
The New Holland Custom Headland Management system, standard on T6000 Elite models, provides operators with the convenience of programmable, one button control of headland turning, resulting in fewer repetitive functions, less operator fatigue and greater productivity.
Electronic draft control is also standard equipment on all T6000 Elite models. Once set, the hydraulic system automatically adjusts implement depth to maintain an even pull on the tractor and keep wheel slip to a minimum.
Using position control, the operator has accurate control of implements, such as sprayers, rakes and mowers, that operate above the ground. When implement height has been set, the system maintains the selected position.  The 16×16 Autoshift transmission, standard on the four cylinder T6020, T6040 and T6060 Elite models, provides both in-the-field and on-the-road auto-shift modes with a programmable shift feature that allows the operator to select the point at which an automatic shift is performed to best match the job at hand.  The 18×18 Power Command full powershift transmission, standard on six cylinder Elite models, provides ‘set it and forget it’ convenience. Auto-shift mode eliminates the guesswork of choosing a gear for a particular application by shifting gears automatically based on the engine speed and driveline load. The shuttle transmission features smooth shifting from forward to reverse at the touch of a lever,
without clutching.
Buyers may also choose the 17×16 Autoshift or 19×6 Power Command Economy transmission. Like the 16×16 Autoshift or 18×6 Power Command, this optional transmission provides a maximum ground speed of 25 miles per hour (40km/hr). However, with the Economy drive, maximum speed can be achieved at a lower engine speed for improved fuel efficiency.
New Holland
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High speed for transport
Case IH has introduced the most powerful Magnum tractor in history: the Magnum 335. Rated at 275 PTO (205kW) horsepower, with 13 percent power growth and 47 percent torque rise, the Magnum 335 standard features include: proven 9.0 litre Case IH engine with new fuel saving  combustion design, a new heavy-duty MFD axle design to bring more power to the ground, a new category IVN/III hitch and category IV drawbar to handle today’s largest and heaviest implements.
The enhanced 9.0 litre engine on the Magnum 335 has a 2100 revolutions per minute rated engine speed. This same fuel saving 9.0 litre power plant also is being introduced in the 275 and 305 series Magnums in 2008, with a rated engine speed of 2000 revolutions per minute. The well accepted 8.3 litre engine remains standard on the Magnum 215 and 245.
In addition, where previous Magnum tractors came standard as ‘AccuGuide Ready’, allowing auto-guidance to be added in the field, 2008 models take the growing popularity of auto-guidance one step further with factory installation of the complete AFS AccuGuide system.
The standard transmission on the Magnum 335 is an 18 speed, full powershift 15Fx4R. Other transmission options for the Magnum 335 include a 19 speed full powershift 19Fx4R with a fuel saving 19th reduced revolutions per minute transport gear and a 23 speed full powershift with shift-through creeper. In addition, a new 19 speed, 30 mile per hour (50km/hr) transmission package is available in the Magnum series. The 30 mile per hour package includes a suspended front axle, trailer brakes, heavy-duty drawbar and wide front and rear fenders. A number of different 30 mile per hour tire options are available, including several rear dual tire combinations.
Magnum customers also have several new hydraulic options to choose from to handle their most hydraulically demanding tools such as large planters, air-seeders and pull-type sprayers. On the new Magnum 335, standard flow is 46 gallons per minute, the high flow option provides 62 gallons per minute, and the new twin flow option offers a hydraulic rate of 78 gallons per minute.
Case IH
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Centre pull improves
load distribution
Case IH Steiger line now includes five new models including four wheel drive and Quadtrac configurations with up to 589 peak horsepower and enhanced fuel efficiency. The 2008 Steiger models include a number of Quadtrac configurations to meet the diverse needs of large agricultural producers. All carry a special decal commemorating the 50th anniversary of the design. The five models are rated at peak horsepowers of 368, 423, 478, 534 and 589.
The proven 12.9 litre engine previously used in mid sized Steiger models is now enhanced with an exclusive new
‘compound turbocharger’ technology standard in the new Steiger 485. This is essentially the same engine that has
been used in the Steiger 380 and 430 models, with one major change: Turbo compound technology for outstanding fuel efficiency. The first turbo performs as a conventional
turbocharger using exhaust gas to compress air into the combustion chamber. In the turbo compound system, instead of routing the exhaust out the exhaust pipe, it goes to a second turbine downstream from the turbocharger. The energy from this second power turbine then transfers power to the crankshaft through a set of reduction gears and a hydro coupling. This provides fuel efficiency gains of up to three percent. The result is increased performance, horsepower and fuel economy.
Because Case IH Steiger customers are pulling bigger,
heavier implements than ever, the company made several enhancements to the centre pull drawbar design, while
maintaining key centre pull benefits such as load distribution and power-to-the-ground. The hanger bar’s size increases from 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches, improving bend strength
by 37 percent for the heaviest loads. The hanger bar is now integral to the chassis, improving stress distribution.
It now extends through the side frame and is welded
on both sides for increased strength. The design uses a 2.5 inch solid bar design with a heavier 1.0 inch thick support plate and is interchangeable between all frame sizes. In
addition, the drawbar side-swing angle has been increased 29 percent, reducing front frame side loading and improving ride quality. These combined designs provide a durable drawbar system to handle today’s larger implements and larger requirements of the future.
The use of B5 biodiesel is fully approved for all Steiger
tractors. Higher blends can also be used – B20 in all models and B100 in the 385, 435 and 485 – with use of required Case IH biodiesel maintenance practices. n
Case IH
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Economy with ergonomics
New Holland’s newly updated TDD economy utility tractor line features improved ergonomic features to make work more pleasant. New Holland calls these the ‘Lean & Mean’ tractors for the no-frills simplicity and affordable price tags to meet the needs of producers looking for a basic chore tractor as well as hobby and part-time farmers who need a primary tractor for working with a loader, mower, baler or blade.
TDD series tractors now feature suspended brake and clutch pedals which provide more foot room on the deck and make it easier to enter and exit the tractor. The ‘feel’ of the pedals is more natural as well, similar to that of an automobile. Braking effort is reduced by 30 percent and clutch effort by 20 percent over previous TDD series models. The TDD series now features a single lever PTO instead of a two lever system for one-hand operation that is easy, even for the novice operator.
The TDD series tractors operate more quietly too, with a
significant reduction in noise in the cab from 86 decibels to 80 decibels. TDD series tractors are powered by four cylinder diesel engines that can be run on environmentally friendly B20 biodiesel, meeting ASTM 6751 standards, or traditional diesel fuel. Low fuel consumption and long service intervals save time and money. n
New Holland
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Now with hydrostatics
Kioti Tractor has introduced the new DK45SE HST hydrostatic transmission tractor. The DK45SE HST is a compact tractor that can be used effectively for many different applications such as farming, landscaping, irrigation or other jobs. It has a lifting capacity of 2493 pounds and is designed with a three-point hitch for easy mounting of attachments or implements, enabling the tractor to successfully complete a variety of tasks such as augering, trenching, mowing, tilling, digging, plowing and clearing brush. The DK45SE HST four cylinder Tier 3 diesel engine offers 45 gross horsepower at 2600 revolutions per minute and a maximum travel speed of 17.7 miles per hour. n
Kioti Tractor
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