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Combines and harvest

November 26, 2007  By Top Crop Manager

Over the last year, dozens of new models and designs of farm machinery have
been introduced by manufacturers. Many of you will have seen these introductions
at farm shows and in various industry announcements – but, can you remember
the details? This feature provides a reference for you.
Peter Darbishire, Editor

While Top Crop Manager editors make every effort to be objective
when reporting on new products, they cannot be held responsible for claims made
by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies for more details.

Class VIII now in the line up
Massey Ferguson has introduced the model 9895 Class VIII combine. It has a new
red and gray colour scheme with silver model identification. A 12.5 litre Tier
3 diesel engine that delivers 425 horsepower with a power bulge up to 459 horsepower
drives the 31.5 inch diameter, 140 inch long rotor. The hydrostatic rotor drive
allows the operator a full range of rotor speeds from 200rpm to 1040rpm for
the optimum ratio of speed and torque. A helical vane front beater system runs
the full width of the feeder house to ensure the incoming crop is evenly fed
to the full diameter of the rotor for maximum harvesting capacity.


The 55.4 inch wide feeder house, with four rows of feed chain, keeps the crop
moving. A uniquely designed three section concave system with 161 degrees of
rotor wrap distributes the separated grain across the full width of the separator
pan. The high volume, 13 inch diameter turbine cleaning fan provides even airflow
throughout the entire grain cleaning system to ensure a clean grain sample.
Concave clearance and fan speed are electronically adjusted from the Console
II terminal in the cab for additional operator convenience. The Fieldstar II
precision agricultural system is standard equipment on the model 9895 combine.
A colour terminal with touch screen technology allows growers to quickly select
the combine function to monitor and adjust.

The model 9895's 350 bushel capacity grain tank features the new 'Direct High
Volume' unloading system with a 4.5bu/sec unloading rate. The roomy and quiet
cab with automatic temperature control offers full header visibility and a smooth
ride with the Grammer air ride seat. A multi-function 'Heads Up' monitor system
keeps operators informed of combine system performance and ergonomically designed
combine controls are within easy reach.

Massey Ferguson header choices include the 3000 series corn heads in six, eight
or 12 rows; the 7200 series rigid heads are available in 25, 30 and now 35 foot
cutting widths; the 8200 series flex heads are available in 25, 30 and 35 foot
cutting widths; and the 5100 series draper heads in 25, 30 and 36 foot cutting
widths. The 4200 series pickup head options include a 13 and a 15 foot model
and a choice of 14 or 16 foot wide pickup attachments.
Massey Ferguson

Grain in the bin
New Holland's CR9000 series twin rotor combines are available in three models,
ranging from 305 to 400 horsepower. The new series features the company's twin
rotor design which generates high centrifugal force for faster separation, grain
quality and maximum capacity.


The SLS self-levelling cleaning system uses a unique grain pan system that
stratifies grain and spreads it evenly as it feeds into the cleaning system
for more efficient cleaning. A sensor reads changes in terrain and automatically
levels the cleaning system up to a 15 percent slope to keep the combine's cleaning
system running at peak efficiency so more grain is captured in the tank and
not on the ground. The CR9000 series combines have the largest cleaning area
in the industry, improving capacity in every condition.

Powered by a fuel efficient, turbocharged six cylinder diesel engine, all models
are electronically managed to shift power when needed, so there is no need to
slow down when unloading. For rapid unloading, 21 to 24 foot augers deliver
grain at a 3.2bu/sec rate.

The advanced stone protection feature utilizes sensors below the crop to differentiate
rocks from grain to detect and eject stones. The feeder/house reverser system
operates independently of the threshing unit so the operator can work slugs
into the rotors in a controlled manner. Even when working a long, rigorous work
day, the Harvest Suite cab provides operator comfort with more interior space
(110 cubic feet), more glass area and superb lighting, all best in class features.
IntelliView II and IntelliView Plus II colour performance monitors and fully
integrated precision land management systems are available options.
New Holland


Now on tracks
The Lexion 590R, introduced in 2005, is now available on tracks with the 2007
introduction of the Lexion 595R. It uses the Mobil-Trac system, providing more
flotation than any tire combination available today at 10.5psi and the capability
of road speeds of up to 18mph.

The 595R contains all of the industry leading features of the 590R, including
the Lexion hybrid system utilizing the APS threshing system coupled with the
RotoPlus dual paddle rotor separation to optimize grain quality and performance,
a fuel efficient 462 horsepower Cat engine and a foldable grain tank with a
capacity of 360 bushels.
Claas North America

Greater capacity, less grain damage
New Holland's CX8000 series super conventional combines offer the exclusive
threshing and separating system, featuring a patented rotary separator. Located
directly behind the large diameter threshing cylinder and beater drum, this
two speed rotary separator separates nearly all the grain before it is delivered
to the straw walkers. This, along with the increased concave warp, allows the
CX8000 series to provide ultra fast threshing and separation with less grain


The fully enclosed straw walker area maximizes crop flow to the cleaning system.
A full width, self-levelling cleaning shoe delivers maximum cleaning efficiency
by dispersing grain over the entire width of the cleaning sieves, even when
working on slopes of up to 17 percent. The feeder/header reverser system can
be operated in either forward or reverse independently of the threshing unit,
enabling the operator to control feed into the cylinder.

The combines have large grain tanks to match their high harvesting capacity
and fast unloading speed. An overhead style 21 or 24 foot unloading auger empties
the grain tank at a rate of 3.2bu/sec. The ultra quiet CX Harvest Suite cab
offers a great work environment for long days with more room, fingertip controls
and excellent header and stubble visibility. The programmable IntelliView II
and IntelliView Plus II colour system monitors harvesting performance and all
operational functions on easy to read colour monitors. A fully integrated precision
land management system is optional.
New Holland

Added muscle
Axial-Flow 7010 completes the Case IH Axial-Flow family with a Class VII offering
that has more horsepower and a higher threshing capacity than the predecessor
Axial-Flow 2388. The 7010 features a 350 horsepower Case IH 9.0 litre engine
rated at 2100rpm. The operator can select rise/boost modes for unloading, ranging
from 25 horsepower rise plus 15 horsepower boost to 40 horsepower steep rise

The rotor moves material through the machine more efficiently for more complete
threshing and smoother, uninterrupted crop flow. The result is up to 25 percent
greater throughput capacity compared to previous designs. The 7010's 315 bushel
grain tank, with 24 inch extensions, provides added capacity for efficient operation.
The Case IH AFS 200 display is standard on the 7010 for accurate grain yield
and moisture monitoring. Unloading speed is also improved with longer upload
tubes equipped with an end discharge spout and anti-dribble device. The average
unload speed is 3.2bu/sec.

The combine offers grain cleaning with a 52 inch cleaning system and 8370 square
inch area. Other new features include stripper plates on 7010's feeder top shaft
to prevent materials from wrapping around the shaft and sprockets in damp crop
conditions. A dual drive tire option has been added for customers requiring
more flotation in duals. The highest capacity Case IH combine, the Axial-Flow
8010, has been upgraded with many of the advanced features of the 7010. The
2007 model takes the 8010Õs productivity farther with a 350 bushel grain tank


Two new Case IH Axial-flow 2500 series combines feature more horsepower, more
capacity and faster unloading. The Class VI Axial-flow 2588 is a workhorse machine
for medium to large operations, rated at 305 base horsepower with a 20 horsepower
rise to a maximum of 325 horsepower. The 290 bushel grain tank is 38 percent
larger. For small to medium operations, the Class V Axial-Flow 2577 provides
exceptional productivity in a smaller machine. The 2577 is rated at 265 base
horsepower with a 25 horsepower rise to a maximum of 290 horsepower. Its grain
storage capacity also has been improved to 230 bushels.

New 2500 series combines are powered by a 8.3 litre six cylinder Case IH engines
with full authority fuel control. The Case IH Axial-Flow rotor is standard on
both models for improved fuel efficiency and reduced wear, along with the AFS
yield and moisture system. A reverse safety alarm is standard equipment as well.
Other 2500 series enhancements include longer unloading augers and larger capacity
standard drive tires and rear steering tires. Unloading rates average 2.4bu/sec.

Additions to the Case IH header line include the 2020, a 35 foot flexible header
that provides 17 percent more cut width to match the capacity of the new Axial-Flow
7010 combine. A revised floor profile provides smoother crop flow and reduced
wear. Full-fingered augers ensure consistent crop feeding, even in adverse field
conditions. The 2162 offers a new centre mount design, a high centre opening
and new flexible linkage for softer ground pressure and better feeding.

With the addition of new 2600 series chopping corn heads, Case IH now offers
flexible and efficient options for corn stalk residue management, especially
in touch residue conditions and no-till rotations. A one piece rod allows for
easy manual engagement of the chopper for one pass harvesting and chopping.
In addition, a new power feed design on Case IH chopping heads accommodates
any harvest speed by forcing the stalks into the chopper. The new heads are
available in four different configurations: six row, eight row, 12 row and an
eight row folding version.
Case IH


New features
Claas North America, producer of the Lexion combine, has announced new standard
features for its Class VI and VII combines, including the high capacity Jet
Stream cleaning system, Caterpillar C-9 Tier 3 diesel engines with Acert technology
and a large grain tank.

The Lexion Jet Stream cleaning system, available now in the 560R, 570R and
575R, contains a larger cascade pre-cleaner, higher wind pressure and increased
sieve area for additional cleaning capacity. The 570R and 575R models come equipped
with a standard 300 bushel grain tank and a 330 bushel option. The model 560R
is equipped with a 280 bushel grain tank.
Claas North America

Adds capacity
Crary Industries has introduced a new Big Top hopper extension. The extension
is available for John Deere STS 60 series combines. The extension secures to
the standard equipment flared extension, allowing for an increase of 100 bushels,
bringing the standard 300 bushel tank to 400 bushel capacity.
Crary Industries



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