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FarmSmart Expo 2019

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July 11, 2019
6182 2nd Line East, Ariss,

For FarmSmart Expo, all participants are split into small groups, which rotate around the various stations. Conversation and questions are encouraged. If you want to know something, ask!

1. Avoiding Tank Mix Errors- Jason Deveau and Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA (PM)
At this stop we will discuss best practices in tank mixing and demonstrate common mistakes and how to avoid them. Attendees will receive a copy of Purdue Universities’ “Avoid Tank Mixing Errors’ guide”.
We’ll demo these two mixes:
1) Primextra II Magnum + glyphosate with and without Agral 90
2) 28% UAN + ALPINE G24
We’ll also discuss mixing order, show the impact of water temperature and reiterate things like having the tank ½ full prior to mixing, leaving sufficient time for products to hydrate/dissipate/dissolve and answer questions… if we can.

2. Managing Overwintering Cover Crop Rye in Soybean Production Systems – Jake Munroe and Sebastian Belliard, OMAFRA (SM)
Delaying termination of cereal rye up until soybean planting can greatly increase its biomass and potential benefits. At this stop, see the effects of termination timing and rye seeding rate on early season soybean growth, weed suppression and soil structure. Also see the results of rye termination by roller crimper!

3. Tire Inflation Tip and Tricks – Alex Barrie, OMAFRA and Brent Sisson, Treadright (SM)
Practical steps for determining tire pressures. How to determine load on each tire, and how to read tire inflation data tables. Using Sidewall information to determine the safe working load limits for a tire and how tire construction affects how much load it can carry. Some discussion on how to select tires for machinery for the operating requirements.

4. Early Season Soybean Decisions For a Late Season- Horst Bohner, OMAFRA (CM)
Should nitrogen be used to help soybeans overcome early season stress? Are lower seeding rates necessary for intensively managed soybeans or should seeding rates be increased with late planting? This stop will discuss best management strategies for soybeans.

5. Drainage Decisions – Peter Johnson, Real Agriculture and Kevin McKague, OMAFRA (SM)
Drainage with Drainage Demo Setup. This session will explore the aspects of soil drainage, how does it work and what are the questions to ask about the current system and upgrading it. Also, are there other directions that can be taken instead of adding more drainage to the system.

6a. Alternative Forage Options in A Tough Year!- Christine O’Reilly, OMAFRA and Donna Hancock, UG (CM)
What are the various options that can be quickly brought into play that address fixing “holey” wheat fields and compromised perennial forage crops.

6b. Cover Crop Roots – Digging A Bit Deeper Managing Unseeded Acres for Future Production – Anne Verhallen, OMAFRA and Doug Young, UG (SM)
A hands-on look at what cover crop roots are doing to improve yield, crop resilience, and soil structure.

7. Strip Till Fertility Management 3000 – Ben Rosser, OMAFRA (NM)
Placement, fertility response, crop safety, soil sampling… what do we know about strip till fertility management?

8. Evaluation Of In-Field, In-Season Sensors And Application To Ontario Fields – Zack Harmer, SoilOptix and Chuck Baresich, Haggerty Creek (CM)
See new in-field sensors collecting real-time data that assists in crop management. How do they work, what are they doing, how will we use them in the near future?

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