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Environmental group applauds joint government signing

According to the Saskatchewan Agri-Environmental Advisory Council, a one year continuity agreement for transitional funding from the Agricultural Policy Framework to its revised edition was signed recently by the federal and provincial governments.

April 15, 2008  By Saskatchewan Agri-Environmental Advisory Council

April 14, 2008

Saskatoon, SK -The Saskatchewan Agri-Environmental Advisory Council, a producer group responsible for providing direction for the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) program, is pleased that the federal and provincial governments have signed a one year Continuity Agreement to provide transitional funding between the Agriculture Policy Framework (APF) and Growing Forward, the new agricultural policy framework.

This agreement ensures a one year extension of the APF’s Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) program which has been deemed a tremendous success since its inception. To date, more than 2,000 workshops have been held throughout the province and over 10,000 producers have completed environmental farm plans. More than $40 million dollars have been allocated for agri-environmental practices in Saskatchewan which provided economic benefit to producers and environmental benefits for society.


"The funding allocated for EFP program has enabled producers to identify environmental risks on their farms and to take steps to rectify these problems," said Germaine Dauk, Chairman of the Advisory Council. "Only three (3) per cent of the allocated funding was used for administration costs, while 17 per cent went to farm organizations for awareness and delivery of the program and 80 per cent was paid directly to Saskatchewan producers – we’re very proud of that. This is good news for everyone involved," added Dauk.

By working together, governments, producers and third party delivery agents were able to lead the country in developing and completing environmental farm plans, further enhancing Saskatchewan’s long-standing tradition of being excellent stewards of the land.

"A large number of players had to come together to pull this off. The advisory council would like to recognize Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (PFRA), the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, the Provincial Council of Agriculture Development and Diversification Boards and the First Nations Agricultural Council for a job well done," said John Clair, Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Council. "Our council looks forward to working with these folks throughout the coming year and contributing to the development and delivery of the new Growing Forward agriculture policy framework."


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