Top Crop Manager

Editorial: Reflecting on the end

December 7, 2022  By Stefanie Croley

As I drafted this column, it took every ounce of restraint in me to avoid the typical talk about the end of another year, but it’s hard not to be reflective in December. Looking back on the ups and downs of the year can be cathartic and necessary. From a business perspective, it allows for re-evaluation of what worked well, and critical thinking about what flopped – and why. It’s a good opportunity to set goals or make decisions for the coming season. And, it’s a perfect time to celebrate the milestones, too. 

I’ve been a part of the Top Crop Manager brand team for almost a decade, and during that time I’ve often used this space as an outlet to do all of those things. Our content is traditionally focused on field crop production, agronomy and research, so there’s little room in our pages for commentary on current affairs, world events or other trends and happenings that relate to the greater ag sector. 

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t paying attention; we’re just responding a little differently. Our content approach means we take the long view. Rather than covering an issue as it happens, we aim to provide our audience with the resources needed down the road. Whether insect pest, disease, soil or market-related, most issues producers face aren’t resolved in a day or two. While you’re dealing with a challenge in July, we’re listening – and figuring out how we can continue to help you overcome that challenge months later. And when the industry finds reason to celebrate, like a breeding breakthrough, a resolved trade conflict, or a much-needed rainfall, we’re cheering right alongside you. 


This December marks a personal milestone for me, as it’s the last issue in which my name will appear. After nearly 10 years with the Top Crop Manager brand, and with the agriculture group at Annex Business Media, I’ve taken a new position within our company and will be handing the reins over to a new editor. The change is good, and welcome, but makes me even more reflective than usual. In nearly a decade, I’ve watched both our brand and Canadian agriculture grow and adapt in various ways. I’ve worked with an incredible brand and writer team, who work so hard through the year to help me bring these publications to your mailbox. I’ve learned intricate details about what producers do to help feed the world. I’ve interviewed some of the most influential and ground-breaking people in Canadian agriculture, translating their scientific lingo into something I can understand and relay to my readers. I’ve sat at tables full of welcoming strangers, willing to share their insights with me. I’ve heard heartwarming and heartbreaking stories. 

To all of them, and all of you, I express my sincere gratitude. Leading the content charge for such a long-respected brand has been a career highlight, and being a part of a vibrant, resilient and important industry has been an honour. 


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