Top Crop Manager

Editorial: Putting a face to farming

May 22, 2024  By Alex Barnard

It’s always so energizing to go out and talk to people about agriculture. It’s exciting to learn about the research being conducted and hear the passion in people’s voices when they talk about their niche of the industry and what they’re doing.

I’m writing this while still invigorated from attending several off-season events, where I caught up with growers, industry reps and researchers about the latest trends, threats and opportunities facing the sector. Nothing beats those face-to-face conversations. You’ll be reading about them in future issues, and hearing from the experts on our Inputs podcast. 

Top Crop Manager focuses on agronomy and research, unlike many other trade publications that often publish profiles and more people-centric stories. So, the times when I and my western counterpart get to step away from the desk and meet with the farmers who read our magazines and are doing the daily work of growing and managing crops is always an enjoyable experience. 


It’s also essential, to my mind. All the information printed in these pages is useless if it isn’t read and put into practice. So, keeping the needs of our audience in mind – and hearing what is and isn’t working for their operation – helps us provide the most relevant and useful features. We aim to stay ahead of the curve by a couple years, but we also want to make sure what we print is applicable to our readers. 

If there’s a practice or topic you want to see the magazine cover, please feel free to drop us a line or strike up a conversation, if you happen to spot us in the wild at a conference or farm tour. Knowledge generation and dissemination is a collaborative effort – we can better support you as farmers when we are in touch with what’s really happening on the ground.

On the topic of representing our readership in the magazine: This summer, we’re bringing back the Top Crop Manager photo contest, which is one of my favourite projects to work on. One fantastic photo will be featured on the cover of our November issue. Other stellar photos submitted for the contest will be printed inside, so don’t miss this opportunity to send us your best snaps from the field and farm. If it shows some aspect of Canadian agriculture, we want to see it! 

Good luck with your preparations for #grow24. Here’s hoping the spring showers are just plentiful enough to get your season off to an excellent start. 


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