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Editorial: Finding best management practices

Several factors contribute to the success of a crop. Some of these variables – such as disease risks and the ever-unpredictable weather – are out of your hands. But others – for example, the specific crop and variety you plant, your integrated pest management strategy and the amount of fertilizer you apply – are in your control, and it’s up to you to make informed decisions to best manage your crop.

July 24, 2018  By Stefanie Croley

However, it’s important to remember what works one year may not be the best option for the following season. Though it’s easy to go back to what’s familiar, those tried-and-true
methods aren’t always the best decision.

Top Crop Manager Focus On: Crop Management is the third instalment of our special summer digital series, and in this issue we’ve compiled a selection of stories featuring advice from the experts. You’ll find tips on sustainable fertilizer management from Ross McKenzie on page 11 and an update on new research surrounding soil nutrient budgets on page 14. We also outline some of the tactics corn growers in Manitoba are using to increase yields on page 18.

We hope you’ll draw inspiration from what you read in the pages of this edition and all of our issues, and find the best growing practices that work for you and your operation. And when you do, let us know! You can reach us via email ( and Twitter (@TopCropMag). We’d love to hear from you.



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