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Do More Ag campaign says to #TalkItOut

May 4, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

On May 1, the Do More Agriculture Foundation (Do More Ag) launched its 2023 campaign to raise awareness about the importance of talking it out regarding mental health in agriculture. The campaign addresses the stressors those in agriculture face, such as weather uncertainty, market instability and financial pressures.

These stressors can take a toll on mental health, leading to chronic stress, burnout, anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges. However, Do More Ag believes that no one needs to face these challenges alone.

“Talking it out can help,” said Megz Reynolds, executive director of Do More Ag, in a press release. “None of us have to be alone with our thoughts. There is power in connecting with each other, in finding the right support, and it all starts with a conversation.”


The 2023 campaign, called #TalkItOut, aims to encourage conversations about mental health in the agriculture industry, promote resources and support for those struggling with mental health challenges, and help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

“Just talking about our thoughts, concerns and feelings can ease our stress levels and start us on the road to finding solutions,” added Reynolds. “At first, it can feel awkward or uncomfortable, but the more we normalize having the conversation – being vulnerable with each other – the easier it starts to become.”

Do More Ag is dedicated to supporting the mental wellbeing of those in agriculture. Through its various programs and resources, the Foundation is working to build a community of support and provide a safe space for individuals to share and seek help.

The #TalkItOut campaign will run throughout the year, with social media campaigns, digital advertisements, print media and more. Join the conversation and share your story by using the hashtag #TalkItOut online or tagging @DoMoreAg.

For more information about The Do More Agriculture Foundation and its programs, visit


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