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Data-driven farming, made easy

July 27, 2021  Sponsored by Climate FieldView

Details, details, details. Few professions rely on historical data and an endless string of details more than farming. From rain levels to fungicide application dates and rates, soil conditions, pest and disease control, strains, seeds and traits, farmers have a thousand and one details to keep on top of from sunrise to sunset.

In the old days you’d have a shelf full of binders with notes and scribbles bursting at the seams, along with a notebook and pencil in your coveralls to keep track of it all—which was fine. But as we’re all aware, times have changed. Today’s farmer needs a single source for collecting, sorting and storing farm data for easy retrieval in the tractor cab, home office, around the kitchen table, or anywhere else important farming decisions are being made. Enter Climate FieldViewTM. 


A single source for all your farm data

Climate FieldView changes the game when it comes to data on the farm. This innovative app allows farmers to instantly collect and store field data that can be used to help make decisions from when to plant, when to spray and how to optimize their harvest.

According to FieldView marketing manager Marvin Talsma, FieldView makes it easy to centralize all farming data in one spot. “Climate FieldView is really about helping farmers get their information into one place.”

“They spend a lot of time planning and making decisions with the team on their farm…what hybrid or variety do I need to grow? What fertility program is needed? FieldView is really helping farmers bring the information into one place.”

Easy collaboration

The beauty of keeping all that data in one place is simple—it makes for easy access to the information farmers need to make critical decisions with a wider group of stakeholders. Here too Talsma offers some insight: “Getting all that data into one spot is just the starting point. Once collected, farmers need to be able to share that data with their teams—consultants, agronomists, family members—they need to be able to find information in that data as well.”

It all comes down to parsing out historical details to help make actionable plans, to continuously improve your operation.

Keeping things easy

Aside from all that data collection, one of the best things about FieldView is just how easy it is to use. The app can be downloaded to your phone or tablet for on-the-go decision making and data collection, errors can be easily updated with a few clicks, and custom field prescriptions can be mapped out and produced in minutes. (Can a stack of binders and notebooks do that? Didn’t think so.)

At the end of the day, no one ever said farming was going to be simple. Whether you’re knee deep in planting season, or gearing up for the harvest, a farmer’s brain is always going a mile a minute, packed with an unending stream of information and data points. Thankfully, with Climate FieldView, the job of collecting all those data points for easy retrieval, just got a whole lot, well, easier.

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