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CWB calling in all feed barley

In order to meet its sales commitments, the Canadian Wheat Board needs all barley growers to deliver all of their feed barley by May 26. After that date, delivery opportunities will be "extremely limited."

May 16, 2008

May 15, 2008

The Canadian Wheat Board
wants all feed barley growers to work with their local elevators to deliver by
May 26.

In a notice to farmers
Thursday, the board said that to meet its sales commitments, it needs barley
growers to delivery 100 per cent of their feed barley tonnes by that date,
after which it said delivery opportunities will be "extremely


Farmers with a producer
payment option (PPO) contract should make sure their cash ticket indicates
their PPO contract number, the board advised. The CWB said it will issue the
additional payment within 10 days of receiving cash ticket information from the
grain company.

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