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CWB announces interim payments for the 2011-12 crop year

Nov. 23, 2012, Winnipeg, MB - CWB announced that interim payments will be made for grades of wheat, durum and designated barley delivered to CWB during the 2011-12 crop year.

Interim payments represent partial settlement of the proceeds due to farmers from the sale of their grain. Interim payments are issued after the crop year ends, and are an earlier payment of proceeds that would otherwise be included in the final payment. A final payment to farmers is made after CWB accounts are finalized.

The interim payments for wheat range from $6.80 to $50.95 per tonne depending on grade, class and protein level. The interim payments for durum wheat range from $20.90 to $40.80 per tonne. The interim payments for designated barley range from $11.70 to $19.70 per tonne.

A complete list of the interim payment and the total paid to date, basis in-store Vancouver or St. Lawrence, for base grades of wheat, durum and designated barley is posted on CWB's website,

Farmers who delivered applicable grades of wheat, durum and designated barley to CWB during the previous crop year will receive an interim payment. Payment will be issued to producers by direct deposit on December 4. Farmers who receive payment by cheque can expect to begin receiving their cheques in the mail by December 13.

Farmers who wish to defer their payments have until November 30 to notify CWB by calling 1-800-275-4292 with their PIN and ID number. Producers can also defer payments online through CWB 2011-12 e-Services.


November 23, 2012  By CWB


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