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CSTA recognizes three seed industry leaders for their contributions

The Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) recognized and celebrated the contributions of three leaders within the seed industry, Igor Falak, Stephen Yarrow and Ron Weik, during their 95th annual meeting.

July 16, 2018  By Top Crop Manager

Igor Falak was awarded the Canadian Plant Breeding and Genetics award. Falak is a private sector canola researcher at Pioneer Hi-Bred Production known for his development of commercial products with native-sourced traits. CSTA recognizes his canola breeding efforts that have resulted in canola hybrids with improved agronomic characteristics such as disease and pod shatter resistance. The award is co-sponsored by CSTA and Germination Magazine.

Stephen Yarrow was awarded the Seed Achievement Award. Yarrow began his career as a research scientist at one of Canada’s first plant biotechnology companies and then served as an executive at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Later, Yarrow worked as the vice president of plant biotechnology for CropLife Canada and developed positions on many seed-related issues and challenges. Most recently, Yarrow was an active participant and driver of the Seed Synergy initiative. Now retired, his work in the seed industry generating a positive operating environment, pushing for regulatory modernization and international adoption of plant breeding innovations is being recognized with this award. The Seed Achievement award is co-sponsored by CSTA and CropLife Canada.

Ron Weik was awarded the CSTA Honourary Life Membership award. Weik, formerly of FP Genetics Inc., entered the industry with Saskatchewan Wheat Pool where he worked until 2003. CSTA recognizes his dedication to promoting and bettering the certified seed industry, while working alongside breeders, seed growers, end-users and farmers. Due to his knowledge of the industry and willingness to invest his time, CSTA staff and members call upon Weik for his input and support for CSTA activities. In a statement, CSTA says “Mr. Weik will always be admired for his quite leadership role with colleagues in seed and trade associations.”


The Canadian Seed Trade Association is comprised of more than 130 seed company members involved across the spectrum of seed research, production, marketing and trade domestically and internationally.


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