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Commodity prices continue to climb

Commodity prices continued their climb last week, finishing strong on Friday after closing with weakening prices at the end of the previous week, according to figures from the Chicago Board of Trade.


December 15, 2008  By Top Crop Manager

December 15, 2008 

Commodity prices showed a marked increase at the close of trading last Friday, with a sizeable jump compared to the previous week's performance.  December corn, which finished at $2.93 (all prices in $US) on Dec. 5th, closed last Friday at $3.735 for March delivery. 

January soybeans fell nearly three cents yet gained on the week overall, to close at $8.54, an increase of 71 cents.

Last week's start for December wheat at $4.73 rose 40 cents to close at $5.13 a bushel for March delivery.

And December oats that started the week at $1.84 finished the week strong, posting a nearly 30 cent gain to close at $2.13 for March delivery.



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