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CleanFARMS program returns to Ontario

July 3, 2014, Etobicoke, Ont. – CleanFARMS is working with Ontario farmers to find solutions for disposing of various on-farm waste with a pilot program for the disposal of empty seed and pesticide bags for farmers in southwestern Ontario.

The program began in May and will end in September and is meant to offer Ontario farmers a more environmentally friendly disposal solution for these bags. 

Collection bags can be picked up from select agricultural retailers across southwestern Ontario. Before returning them, farmers are asked to ensure their seed and pesticide bags are empty and tied. All bags will be accepted, free of charge, and collected by CleanFARMS, where they will be transported to a disposal facility that recovers thermal energy and coverts it into electricity and steam for use within our community.

Farmers may return empty pesticide bags, including multi-walled paper, plastic and aluminum. Multi-walled paper and polywoven plastic empty seed bags are also accepted. A map of collection sites can be found on

July 4, 2014  By Top Crop Manager


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