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Cereals Canada established to grow Canada’s grain industry

Oct. 8, 2013, Winnipeg, MB - More than a year after the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly on grain marketing ended in Canada, there are still significant changes taking place across the country's agriculture landscape. The latest advancement is the establishment of Cereals Canada – a multi-stakeholder, multi-commodity organization that will work to enhance the domestic and international competiveness of Canadian cereals.

Efforts to create this cross-functional, collaborative organization first began when the Cereals Council of Canada Working Group, a broad committee of industry stakeholders came together in 2012 to address the growing national and international interest in cereals. Modeled after other highly successful national organizations, Cereals Canada has been established to become the voice of and driving force behind Canada's cereals industry.

"Taking this approach makes sense," offers Jean-Marc Ruest, senior vice-president, corporate affairs and general counsel for Richardson International and one of Cereals Canada's founding directors. "Structuring the organization in this way allows us to deal with issues and priorities that are more reflective of the way we carry out our respective businesses, and will allow us to work towards the most successful outcomes for the whole industry."

Cereals Canada will focus on and apply a coordinated effort to directly support research, agronomy, market development, market access and policy efforts that will ensure the profitability and long-term sustainability of all elements of the value chain associated with Canada's cereal grains industry.

"Our overarching objective is to ensure Canada's entire cereal grains industry remains competitive, profitable and innovative," says Kent Erickson, Cereals Canada founding director, and chair of the Alberta Wheat Commission. "And because Cereals Canada represents the entire industry value chain, we can effectively be that voice for industry to be able to achieve those objectives."

Cereals Canada members, which represent a broad cross-section of industry players that includes producers and producer groups, processors, exporters and handlers and life sciences and seed companies, will all directly and equally contribute to the organization and its efforts.

Cereals Canada is currently searching for a president who will oversee and direct the organization's efforts.

October 9, 2013  By Alberta Wheat Commission


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