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Cellulosic ethanol deemed good fit in Idaho

June 26, 2014 - Idaho Falls, ID — As the first commercial cellulosic ethanol plants open in the U.S. this year, energy experts say Idaho is well positioned to follow the leaders with a small facility that would convert barley and wheat stover feedstock into fuel.

Brooke Coleman, director of the Advanced Ethanol Council in Washington, D.C., said cellulosic ethanol is finally coming of age thanks to 2007 federal energy policy mandates, and he expects the new plants will demonstrate it can be competitively manufactured.

In Idaho, bioenergy leaders note the feasibility of a small cellulosic ethanol plant solely supported by wheat and barley stover feedstock was proven a few years ago, when IOGIN, Corp., based in Ottawa, Canada, announced plans to build such a plant in Shelley, Idaho. It ultimately opted to pursue a Canadian facility, instead.


June 26, 2014  By Captial Press


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