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CCGA accepting higher limit cash advance applications

June 7, 2019  By Top Crop Manager

Starting June 7, 2019, Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) will accept cash advance applications under the increased Advance Payments Program (APP) limits.

New regulations increasing the allowable limits available to farmers under the APP became effective as of May 29, 2019.

As announced by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), the 2019 APP limits increased to:

  • $1,000,000 total maximum eligible advance, and
  • up to $100,000 interest‑free for all eligible commodities, plus an additional $400,000 interest‑free limit for canola only.

The interest-free component includes up to $100,000 for any commodity eligible under the program, plus an additional $400,000 for canola only. The Canadian Government increased loan limits and interest-free portions in response to the Canada-China canola seed trade dispute.

On May 24 — 23 days after the initial APP announcement on May 1 — Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture David Marit told the CBC that the implementation of the payments was not happening fast enough. The Saskatchewan government was a key player in lobbying the federal government to make changes to the Advance Payments Program.

Apply today; funds issued beginning June 26

CCGA is an official administrator of the Government of Canada’s Advance Payments Program. Farmers will be able to complete a pre-application anytime between June 10 and June 25, and CCGA will begin issuing advances under the new limits starting June 26.

“We’ll be accepting pre-applications at the increased limits until June 25,” says Dave Gallant, director of operations at CCGA. “It’s a good idea for farmers to get their paperwork done early, so that we can process these advances and potentially deposit their advance funds on our first day of issuing, June 26.”

For farmers interested in applying, Gallant reminds them that the $1 million maximum eligible advance is cumulative over two program years, including 2019 and 2018. “If a farmer has a 2018 advance, the value of that advance will be included in calculating the maximum eligible advance for 2019.”

Farmers who want to apply for (or increase) their advance but stay under the current limit of $400,000 can apply now and, if eligible, will have funds issued immediately, once approved. These advances would include the new interest‑free limit up to $400,000.

Farmers who want to apply for (or increase) their advance to an amount that’s more than $400,000 can complete a pre-application now and, if eligible, will have funds issued beginning June 26.

Farmers are encouraged to go to​ for updates or call 1‑866‑745‑​2256 to speak with a CCGA Contact Centre representative. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada also has a Frequently Asked Questions page for the increased Advance Payments Program limits.

CCGA represents canola farmers on national and international issues, policies and programs that impact farm profitability.


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