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Canadian Renn Mill Center partners with U.S. ag equipment manufacturer

The two ag equipment companies have entered into a partnership that will expand distribution in Western Canada and Australia.

June 19, 2019  By Top Crop Manager

Alberta-based Renn Mill Center Inc. partnered with U.S.-based H&S Manufacturing Company Inc. in the form of a distribution agreement. Both companies are manufacturers of feed processing, hay, and forage equipment.

Under the new agreement, Renn will help to expand the Wisconsin-based manufacturer’s line of manure spreaders, feed processing equipment, and hay and forage equipment in Western Canada. Renn will also work with H&S as their distributor for Australia.

The Renn roller mill has been produced in Lacombe, Alta. for the past 25 years. In 2016, Renn purchased Jiffy Products, whose product line includes bale processors and hay rakes. Now the company develops, manufactures, distributes and sells hay, feed processing and grain bagging equipment, out of its Lacombe manufacturing facility. With the new partnership, Renn will also distribute H&S Manufacturing products in Western Canada and Australia.


H&S Manufacturing Co. Inc. has been manufacturing agricultural equipment since 1967. The company started as a manufacturer of feeding equipment for Wisconsin dairy farms and has become a supplier of agricultural equipment including rakes, manure spreaders, grinder mixers, and bale wrappers.

“As a fellow manufacturer of equipment for the feed processing and the hay and forage industries, Renn Mill Center Inc.’s partnership provides an opportunity to expand our footprint in Canada and Australia,” said Craig Harthoorn, president of H&S. “By offering both lines of equipment, farmers and ranchers will benefit more than if they were working with each company independently. The two companies will be able to grow quicker and more efficiently through this partnership than if we were to do it alone.”


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