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Canadian beef plant cuts slaughter, lays off workers

According to, a recent CBC News report states Atlantic Beef Products in Albany, Prince Edward Island, is having to scale back its weekly slaughter rate and lay off about 30 of its 90 employees, in an effort to cut losses in the past few months.

April 22, 2008  By via CBC

April 22, 2008

Troubled Canadian beef processor Atlantic Beef Products has cut back its weekly slaughter rate and laid off about one-third of its staff in an attempt to control costs, according to the CBC News.

The plant, located in Albany, Prince Edward Island, has reduced its weekly slaughter to 280 cattle from more than 400 and laid off about 30 of its roughly 90 employees to stem losses that had reached about $250,000 a month.


In December 2007 the Canadian government granted the processor $12 million in government assistance in a bid to keep the only federally inspected beef processing facility in the Maritimes open. (See Canadian beef plant receives $12 million to stay open on, December 10, 2007.) Atlantic Beef is owned by 200 beef producers.

Many Maritime farmers have been shipping cattle to the United States, where they can get higher returns for certain grades of beef and for older cull cattle, according to the CBC report.


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